Huntingburg is on the move!

Over the past 12 months the City of Huntingburg has seen a rapid expansion of industrial, commercial and residential projects.

New construction is happening west and north of the City as new areas are opened up for occupancy.  Positive economic growth translates into families moving in to the area, bringing with them the need for housing and expanded city services.

Economic growth and investment aid the expanding tax base that benefits the entire community.

Several streamlined steps are undertaken when a developer approaches the city with a project concept.  Working with the Planning Director as coordinator the zoning is checked.  Often the developer will be pleased to find that prezoning has created a clear opportunity for most tracts of land.

A development plan and site plan must be submitted to the Planning Department.  The staff will then work closely with the developer to implement a plan that addresses drainage and buffering.  The idea is to keep the Development Plan practical and cost efficient in the spirit of a pro business climate.

Utility access is made easy

The City of Huntingburg has its own municipal utility.  Close cooperation between all city departments helps speed up the process for supplying infrastructure to a new site.