The City of Huntingburg is considering a trial program to remove the black bollards on 4th Street. This is one of the most common complaints I hear about our historic downtown. The trial program is being considered after numerous conversations with business owners, local residents, visitors, and our Board of Public Works & Safety members.

Initially, only a select few that seem to cause a majority of the issues will be removed. Some bollards will remain in place for safety reasons. This does not eliminate or change the designated parking areas or loading/unloading zones in each block.

One goal of this trial program is to encourage people to park in the actual parking spaces, and not out into the street. Additionally, I am hopeful that people will now drive in the designated vehicular lanes and not on the metal drainage gate located in the middle of the street.

Again, this is a trial program only as we continue to work to make the experience for those living, doing business, and visiting historic 4th Street to be the best that it can be.

- Mayor Steve