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Huntingburg Lake

About This Location

Located in Patoka Township approximately one mile west of Huntingburg on State Road 64, this 312 acre site contains a 178 acre lake, 94 wooded acres and 30 acres of open area.  Fishing and boating are permitted on the lake. Swimming, camping and open fires are prohibited.  A shelter house with picnic tables and a grill are located on the northwest corner of the lake.  No other facilities are provided at this time, however, the City is considering the future development of the area around the lake.  Ordinance 90-19, Ordinance 79-14, Ordinance 75-10 and Ordinance 788 have been passed by the City Council regarding the Huntingburg City Lake.

DNR Visits Huntingburg City Lake

Rod Edgell and Doug Nusbaum of the Lake and River Enhancement Section (LARE) of the Division of Fish and Wildlife, Indiana Department of Natural Resources visited Huntingburg Lake early June, 2011. Their mission was to complete a bathymetric (depth) survey using hydroacoustic technology.  The data collected is a result of recent technology that makes data collection more efficient, thus allowing the collection of many more data points than was possible with previous methods. The last time this was done by LARE was in the early 90's. With this data, Huntingburg will be able to compare both  bathymetric surveys and see how the lake has evolved in the last 20 years. If you would like to know more about DNR's bathymetric surveys or the technology used click here.


  • Picnic Tables
  • Grills