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Tree Limb Pickup Service

Ordinance 51.11
  • (A)     The city, acting through its Street Department, shall provide curbside collection of tree limbs to residents and retail service businesses located within the city.  Tree limb collection services shall be provided on a monthly basis on the fourth Friday of each month, subject to change as necessitated by special circumstances, including, but not limited to:  holidays, special events, weather conditions or equipment breakdown.  Any changes in the collection schedule will be announced by the city, in advance if possible, through local news media.
  • (B)     To be eligible for the curbside limb pickup service, limbs shall be bundled in bundles not to exceed five feet in length and 15 pounds in weight.  Anyone desiring limb pickup service shall call the City Office and give their name and address before 5:00 p.m. on the date preceding the day scheduled for limb pickup.
  • (C)     In addition to the foregoing limb pickup service, the Street Department shall provide curbside tree limb collection service for the removal of storm related tree limb damage only after a severe storm event.  The service shall be provided when determined necessary at the discretion of the Superintendent of the Street Department.

(`90 Code, § 5.12.110)  (Ord. 96-41, passed - -)

Leaf Pickup Service

The Leaf Pickup Service usually starts in mid-October and ends in the first part of December, or as long as needed.

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday and Tuesday leaves are picked up on the North side of Hwy. 64.
  • Wednesday and Thursday leaves are picked up on the South side of Hwy. 64.
  • Fridays are used to pick up leaves where needed.


Leaves should be put into curb line and away from any obstructions such as parked cars, telephone poles, guide wires, mailboxes, and trees. Leaf piles should be free from trash, limbs or sticks, leaves only!