AG - Agricultural

The primary purpose of the agricultural district is to promote the business of agricultural production.  Secondary purposes include the accommodation of agricultural-related uses, land-intensive non-agricultural uses, large acreage uses, and uses which are not compact forms of development.  When essential public services such as public wastewater collection and treatment facilities, properly designed and constructed roads, and potable water can be extended in an orderly and efficient manner, areas which can accommodate compact non-agricultural development may be considered for such development.

AZ-1 - Aircraft Overlay

The aircraft overlay district permits land uses and construction in accordance with the underlying zoning district while ensuring that aircraft safety is not compromised, and that habitable structures in the district are properly protected against noise.


R1 - Single-family

The primary purpose of the R-1 district is to provide a stable environment for single-family homes on lots with ample open space for the enjoyment of privacy and family recreation.  The preservation of single-family housing stock within the core neighborhoods of the city, preservation of property values, and protection from encroachment by non-residential uses are key requirements.

R2 - Two-family

The R-2 district provides the essential qualities of the single-family district with slightly greater density and lower cost of living than is available in the single-family district.  Uses in the R-2 district should be limited to single-family and two-family (duplex) dwellings.

R3 - Multi-family

The multi-family district provides affordable medium-to-high density housing in apartments, in areas where access to collector and arterial streets is reasonably close.  Multi-family housing is essential for a growing workforce, young families and senior citizens.  The R-3 district may be in close proximity to heavy commercial and light industrial uses.


B1 - Light Commercial

The light commercial district supports less-intense light retail and service businesses along arterial and collector streets and adjacent to or near residential areas, offering a transitional area between the residential uses and the heavier commercial and industrial uses.

B1D - Maximum Floor Area

Each attached or detached building in the B-1D district shall have not greater than 10,000 square feet of building area on the ground floor.

B2 - Heavy Commercial

The heavy commercial district is located along US231/SR45 and SR64, supporting traffic-intense uses and services for a large number of clients, and offering ample off-street parking facilities.  Residential uses are strongly discouraged.


I1 - Light Industrial

The light industrial district designates areas for manufacturing, processing and assembly operations that produce very little or no smoke, dust noise, or other environmentally objectionable byproducts.  Warehousing and distribution are acceptable uses in the I-1 district.  Due to potential heavy truck traffic, location along a well-constructed industrial or collector street with access to an arterial street, or along an arterial street, is important.  Residential should be prohibited, and all but light commercial uses should be discouraged.

I2 - Heavy Industrial

The heavy industrial district provides areas for manufacturing, processing and assembly operations that require access to heavily-built truck routes or rail services.  Storage and warehousing are incidental uses in the I-2 district.  Location along an industrial street with access to a principal arterial is important.  Residential should be prohibited, and most non-industrial uses are discouraged.