Preventing Power Outages

Through careful planning, continuous training and investing in new technology, we're always working hard to keep your lights on.

Maintaining Our Equipment

The City of Huntingburg will plan outages from time to time. Some upgrades and repairs can only be done safely if power is cut to the equipment. Planned outages are necessary to limit longer, unplanned outages later.

Customers are notified before a planned outage and we make every effort to limit negative impacts.

Trimming Trees to Prevent Storm Damage

We can't stop a storm, but we can limit its effects. That's why the City of Huntingburg has a continuous tree trimming operation. The City of Huntingburg trims trees that could interfere with power lines on a need to basis.

Our professionally trained crews or hired contractors use directional pruning methods developed by the National Arborist Association and approved by the National Arbor Day Foundation. These methods protect the health of the tree while still providing the established minimum safety clearance.

Investing in New Equipment and Technology

Through our ongoing commitment to reliability, the City of Huntingburg invests money back into the communities we serve by replacing aging equipment and installing upgrades to keep up with the increasing demand for power.

We also use equipment like lightning protection at our sub-stations and squirrel guards to minimize outages caused by these two culprits.

Preparing for The Worst

No matter what the reason for the outage, we work hard to get the power back on. The City of Huntingburg is continuously training its staff in the Control Center and its crews on the streets so they can quickly react to any power interruption.

Along with "back-ups" that are built into our system, we also keep a large stock of materials so we're ready with a replacement when ever it's needed. In any emergency the person dispatched will be on the scene in less than a hour. Most outages are fixed within two hours.