Municipal Code:  90.02  PROHIBITION AND REMOVAL.    
(A)     No person shall abandon a vehicle or parts on any public property or on any private property in a location visible from public premises.  The Police Department and the Code Enforcement Officer of the city are the authorized agencies assigned the responsibility for removing vehicles defined as abandoned under the provisions of this chapter.  
(B)     An officer who finds a vehicle or parts believed to be abandoned shall attach, in a prominent place on the vehicle or parts, a notice tag containing the following information:         
(1)     The date, time, officer's name, public agency and address and telephone number to contact for information; and        
(2)     The vehicle or parts are considered abandoned.   
(C)     The vehicle or parts will be removed after 72 hours.    
(D)     The owner will be held responsible for all costs incidental to the removal, storage and disposal of the vehicle or parts.    
(E)     The owner may avoid costs of the removal of the vehicle or parts within 72 hours.