Reading Meters in Style 

For a couple years now the City of Huntingburg Municipal Utilities has been stressing the importance of going green internally and City wide. It started with something as simple as increasing the R-value of our warehouses by spraying insulating foam to the open designed ceilings. We then removed inefficient single pane windows and blocked them in with cinder blocks at our warehouses. We also installed programmable thermostats, ceiling fans and installed automatic service door actuators. We also implemented a program to change out all T12 lighting fixtures to the more energy efficient T8 fixtures. This program was done in house to further the cost to benefit ratio. With these projects we have now saved over 36% on our self incurred Utility bills to date. We also partnered with 20 other communities in Indiana and with the help of IMPA (Indiana Municipal Power Agency) received a grant worth over $5,000,000. With this grant we were able to replace every streetlight (665) that the City owned with more efficient LED (light emitting diode) lights. This will save the City of Huntingburg over $11,000 a year on their street light bill.

Now the next step is reducing our impact on the roads of Huntingburg. This year we purchased two (see photo above) 32V electric golf carts. The City of Huntingburg has been a golf cart friendly community since late 2010. The first golf cart (2007 model) was purchased in late spring and is used every day to read meters for the Utilities now. An opportunity to purchase a reconditioned golf cart (2005 model) late this summer was presented and now the Huntingburg Municipal Utilities are the proud owner of two carts. The second cart will be mainly used by the Water Utility for our biannual hydrant flushing, the annual Gas Utilities leak survey's that are in the City limits, any light duty work that is needed around town and lastly if available the Utilities Superintendent will use this new cart to go back and forth from the Utility Office to Town Hall to reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

Huntingburg Municipal Utilities Wins Award!!

The City of Huntingburg Municipal Utilities has been awarded the SDS Excellence Award for 2010 for Customer Service. It is the second highest award given by SDS Research Company out of Utah. Huntingburg is one of just nine SDS clients in the entire country to receive this award.

The requirements to qualify for the 2010 Excellence Award include a Net Positive Index of 30 or higher and Excellent  ratings of 45% or higher. The City of Huntingburg Municipal Utilities achieved Net Positive Index of 43 and Excellent ratings of 48%.

By receiving this award it highlights the  commitment our employees have to its customers and the effort to make all Utility Customers our number one priority. Huntingburg Municipal Utilities thanks all the customers that participated in last years survey and making this award possible. We will strive to make customer service a priority in our day to day operations and even through disasters like the latest tornado that hit parts of Huntingburg this year.

Did You Know?

Huntingburg Municipal Utilities is a significant provider of Electric, Water, and Natural Gas services, with a total of 4,200 residential, commercial and industrial customers!

Huntingburg Municipal Utilities supplies its services to the City of  Huntingburg,  and other nearby unincorporated communities and intervening rural territories. The size of the service area is 94 square miles.

Management of the Huntingburg Utilities is consolidated to provide a streamlined approach of services which avoids redundancy of manpower and equipment.  This unique management approach allows flexibility and cross usage of employees and equipment as projects and needs warrant within various facets of this utility service provider.