4th Street Heritage Trail

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Project 2

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The Heritage Trail will be developed in three phases:

1. Veterans Trail

  • Will utilize the Railroad Overpass to tie the St. Joseph Hospital Redevelopment and new residential areas to the Huntingburg Event and Community Center, Dubois County Veterans Monument and the Charles C. Niehaus Memorial Park

2. Historic Downtown Trail

  • Will connect Charles C. Niehaus Memorial Park to the Historic Business District, the Market Street Park and east to Van Buren Street

3. Railway Trail

  • Will connect the Historic Business District to the Northeast neighborhoods, Hometown IGA and the Veterans Monument/Event Center area
  • Most critical for this route is the pedestrian bridge necessary to cross the Dubois County Railroad
  • The Heritage Trail will allow all quadrants of Huntingburg to be connected for the first time without having to cross an at-grade railroad track 

Ready to Proceed

  • Site Control is in place
  • Conceptual designs have been developed
  • Ready to select consultant for design of Phases 1-3



Project "Before" Photos

Before Photos - 2. Heritage Trail (1)


Before Photos - 8. 4th Street Waterline

  *For a current project status update, please see the "Quarterly Updates" section under "Topics of Interest."