While residents understand that it is hard work that makes the community prosperous, they encourage visitors to join them at the many recreational facilities within the community.

The Prospect League baseball team, the Dubois County Bombers, calls League Stadium at the Huntingburg City Park home.  A walking path intertwines itself among the many amenities at the City Park, baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, swimming pool, shelter houses, horseshoe pitches, and playground equipment.

The Huntingburg Parks and Recreation Department consists of four (4) parks.

Public Restrooms

The Huntingburg City Park has public restrooms located in several areas.  The main restroom is located north of League Stadium.  Public restrooms are available north of the Little League field.  The south restroom is located near the southeast shelter.  Other restrooms include: the swimming pool patrons, men's softball field, and League Stadium during games.  Southside Park has one public restroom, and  Niehaus Park has one restroom.  All restroom facilities are closed during the winter months.  There is no heating available in the restroom facilities.


City of Huntingburg residents, through the City property taxes, make a significant financial contribution to the operation of the Parks system.  Non-resident fees are charged to apportion an equalizing fee to non-resident participants so that they can contribute to the overall financing of the Parks system on an equitable basis with City residents.  Fees are listed separately for Huntingburg residents and out of City residents for some programs.  Verification of residence status may be requested.

Waiver Of Liability

The City of Huntingburg is not responsible for any injuries sustained as a result of participation in any recreational department sponsored activities, or while using recreation department facilities.  It is recommended that anyone enrolled in a program or using the facilities make provisions for adequate coverage within their own insurance plan.

Public Parking

The Huntingburg City Park has parking spaces for 500 vehicles.  The North parking lot, located north of the large shelter has 104 parking spaces.  The Men's softball field and East shelter have 107 parking spaces.  The South parking lot off of Cherry Street serving the Girls softball field, Southeast shelter, Southwest shelter has 144 parking spaces.  The lot west of the swimming pool and tennis courts has 41 parking spaces.  North, east and west of the Stadium there are 64 parking spaces.  The area north and west of the Little League field can accommodate 40 vehicles.

There are handicapped parking spaces located throughout the various parking lots and they are designated as such.  Please observe the parking rules in the park and roadways must be accessible for emergency vehicles.  Vehicles parked illegally will be towed at the expense of the owner.


All city parks are smoke free.  This includes all smoking devices.